RNA Functional Analysis

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High success in functional genomics studies

Understanding the diverse RNA world and its network of intricate interactions is one of the most important challenges facing biology today. We offer a range of tools to help you determine the functions of coding and non-coding RNAs using a variety of approaches.

Antisense LNA GapmeRs are potent antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) that provide highly efficient knockdown of mRNA and lncRNA.

Our miRNA inhibitors and power inhibitors are highly potent, LNA-enhanced, miRNA antisense inhibitors that work by transfection or unassisted delivery.

The miRNA mimics are sophisticated, high-quality mimics that simulate naturally-occurring, mature miRNAs, and their LNA-enhanced, triple-RNA strand design ensures excellent specificity with no off-target effects from the passenger strand.

Our miRNA target site blockers (TSBs) block the interaction of a miRNA with a specific target site, and they are valuable tools for investigating the contribution of an individual target to an observed phenotype.

Our RNAi products span the full range of functional genomics knockdowns, from a single gene, to small numbers of related genes, to genome-wide, high-throughput screens.

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