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For NGS, dPCR, qPCR, RNA functional studies and more


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Design NGS panels, PCR primers, oligos and other research tools in your preferred tube or plate format. Just enter your targets of interest and desired configuration, and our advanced design algorithms will customize a product just for you.
Next-Generation Sequencing
Cover more regions of the genome with custom NGS panels for targeted DNA-seq, RNA-seq and multimodal sequencing applications
Digital PCR
Custom ready-to-use assays for highly specific, accurate and reproducible digital PCR analysis
Quantitative PCR
Custom primer sets and assay plates for qPCR-based RNA expression analyses and microbial identification and profiling studies
Custom and predesigned assays for Pyrosequencing analysis of DNA methylation, validation of CpG targets, and other sequences of interest
miRNA Functional Analysis
Custom-designed antisense oligonucleotides for performing loss-of-function studies on miRNA and other short ncRNAs not in miRBase
Detection and ISH
Custom LNA-enhanced probes for detecting mRNA/lncRNA and miRNA targets in ISH, Northern blotting or RNA localization studies
Oligo Shop
Custom LNA-enhanced oligonucleotides with a wide range of labels and modifications for use in any type of application
RNA Silencing
Custom antisense LNA GapmeRs and siRNAs to specifically and effectively knock down your targets of interest in RNA silencing experiments