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miRNA-focused sequencing for accurate digital quantification

microRNA and small RNA profiling can reveal fascinating insights into a multitude of diseases. However, obtaining meaningful results via NGS can be difficult, because biofluid samples typically contain low amounts of RNA and high levels of inhibitors and miRNA sequencing workflows are often tedious and time-consuming.

Our QIAseq miRNA NGS Kit eliminates tedious gel-extraction steps and saves significant hands-on time, to deliver high-quality miRNA sequencing data from low amounts of input RNA. The optimized reaction chemistry enables the creation of robust, miRNA-specific libraries, while minimizing reaction biases and eliminating adapter dimers. So, no matter your application, you can count on highly accurate quantification for true miRNA expression profiling.

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Panels for your regions of interest
Panels for your regions of interest
Our user-friendly builders let you quickly and easily design custom NGS panels for your targeted sequencing experiments
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Simplify your RNA-seq analysis
Simplify your RNA-seq analysis
Take the stress out of data analysis and fast-track your path to gene expression insights with the RNA-seq Analysis Portal
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Products for miRNA-seq (2)

Product Type
NGS-Based miRNA Profiling
QIAseq miRNA Library KitQIAseq miRNA Library Kit

Gel-free miRNA Sample to Insight solution for differential expression analysis and novel discovery using next-generation sequencing

NGS Quantification & Quality Control
QIAseq miRNA Library QC PCR Panel and AssaysQIAseq miRNA Library QC PCR Panel and Assays

For evaluating RNA sample quality prior to miRNA/small RNA NGS library preparation and for assessing NGS performance post-sequencing