miRNA Functional Analysis

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Multiple approaches to determine miRNA function

The high degree of similarity between miRNA sequences makes studying them difficult, but we have enhanced our miRCURY miRNA functional analysis tools with locked nucleic acids (LNA) to increase the discrimination of closely related sequences. Our tools help you study miRNA function using a variety of approaches.

The miRNA inhibitors specifically suppress miRNA activity and can help you determine the role of miRNAs in cellular processes and pathological pathways or identify and validate miRNA targets.

The miRNA mimics simulate the natural functions of endogenous miRNAs and are primarily used in gain-of-function studies. You can use mimics to study the effect of increasing the cellular content of a miRNA via cellular assays to monitor cell proliferation, cell differentiation, or apoptosis. You can also measure gene expression at the mRNA or protein level of putative miRNA targets.

The miRNA target site blockers (TSBs) effectively block the interaction of a miRNA with a specific target site, without affecting the activity of the miRNA. This lets you investigate the contribution of an individual target to an observed phenotype.

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