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Partner With QIAGEN and Keep Your Research Moving in the Right Direction

Would you like to implement a new technology or workflow in your lab but are missing the internal expertise? Are you dealing with resource constraints and lack sufficient staffing, time or equipment to perform the experiments in-house? Whatever your challenge, our experts are here to help. Partner with us and easily extend your capabilities with our expertise, powerful bioinformatics and custom services. Our offerings include the following and more: 
  • NGS panel design, verification and workflow optimization
  • Full-service qPCR-based validation of miRNA, lncRNA, or mRNA targets from your NGS results
  • Expert-designed dPCR and qPCR assay workflows at your fingertips
  • End-to-end targeted NGS profiling services for multimodal cancer profiling or adaptive immune response studies

Which of Our Expert Teams Best Meets Your Needs?

Our Genomic Services experts are available to perform your research experiments in our fully equipped, state-of-the-art laboratories. They will develop a project that precisely fits your needs by supporting your entire workflow or just the more problematic parts.  Enterprise Genomic Solutions serves as your technical development partner and creates custom workflow solutions, including NGS panel design, wet-lab optimization and bioinformatics pipelines. Plus, on-site training ensures implementation success in your facility. 


Select which of our expert teams will best meet your project needs

Genomic Services

Full-service from design to result

Enterprise Genomic Solutions

White-glove consultation service

Workflow development
Yes, for workflows to be performed by QIAGEN Genomic Services
NGS panel content development
NGS panel design
Basic panel designs using GeneGlobe
Uses enhanced algorithms and technical expertise to provide optimal coverage, including coverage of problem regions.
dPCR/qPCR assay design
PCR panel design
Nucleic acid isolation 
Digital PCR 
Whole genome amplification 
NGS panel performance verification
NGS services
Data analysis and interpretation pipeline development 
Yes, for workflows performed by QIAGEN Genomic Services
Data analysis
Data interpretation
Custom reports
Follow-up experiment consultation