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Quantitative RT-PCR is the tool of choice for analyzing known miRNA targets, as it is fast, simple and inexpensive and provides extremely sensitive analyses from low amounts of input RNA. The method is easily scaled for applications ranging from screening and profiling to validation of NGS studies and verification of results from functional studies such as RNA silencing experiments.

However, the low abundance of miRNAs, along with their short sequences, large variation in GC content and highly homologous families, complicate PCR assay design. We overcome this difficulty with locked nucleic acids. LNA bases increase primer binding affinity, so we can design very short primers and probes that can be placed directly on the miRNA target to create two miRNA-specific annealing points that do not overlap. This just isn't possible with standard oligos.

Your benefit is an optimal assay design that accurately detects and quantifies your miRNA of interest with a specificity that can even distinguish single nucleotide differences.

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