miRNA Digital PCR Assays

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Optimized dPCR assays for high-resolution microRNA quantification

Digital PCR is highly suited for profiling miRNA as potential biomarkers or for verification of gene silencing experiments, as it can monitor very small changes in expression levels and quantify low-abundance transcripts and targets from limited starting materials, even in complex samples.

Our dPCR assays for miRNA targets are optimized with locked nucleic acids (LNA), which increase the primer binding affinity, allowing us to design very short primers with two non-overlapping miRNA-specific annealing points. The result is an optimal assay design that accurately detects and quantifies your miRNA of interest with a specificity that can even distinguish single nucleotide differences.

Choose from over 31,000 unique assays for 271 different species with full coverage of targets in miRBase 22. Or, if you’re studying a novel miRNA or small RNA, just use our convenient online builder to create and order a custom assay in just a few clicks.

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