Antisense LNA GapmeRs

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Efficient silencing of mRNA and lncRNA with fewer off-target effects

Antisense LNA GapmeRs are potent antisense oligonucleotides designed for the highly efficient knockdown of mRNA and lncRNA. Their efficacy rivals that of siRNA, making them an excellent alternative for researchers who need a method that works independently of RISC (RNA-induced silencing complex), minimizing miRNA-like, off-target effects. This feature makes them particularly valuable for precise gene silencing applications.

Antisense LNA GapmeRs have emerged as the tool of choice for precise and strand-specific silencing of lncRNA, due to their ability to efficiently target RNAs retained in the nucleus, where many lncRNAs are confined. Active both in vitro and in vivo, the GapmeRs can be taken up by cells through transfection or via unassisted delivery methods, facilitating the analysis of RNA function across a diverse array of model systems. Each GapmeR is designed using our advanced algorithms, ensuring superior performance and high success rates in gene silencing experiments.

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