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QIAseq Sequencing Tools

Maximize your sequencing efficiency with our NGS Sample Multiplexing Calculator. This tool helps you determine the optimal number of samples that can be multiplexed in a single sequencing run. By accurately calculating the required coverage for your QIAseq panel, you can ensure optimal use of your sequencing resources, significantly reducing costs and improving data quality.
Sample Multiplexing Calculator
Determine the number of samples you can multiplex in your QIAseq sequencing run

Oligo Tools

Our oligonucleotide tools and calculators are designed to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and outcomes of your molecular biology research. These tools enable the precise quantification, dilution, and resuspension of your research oligos, minimizing experimental variability and maximizing reproducibility. Plus, the accurate prediction of the melting temperature of LNA-enhanced oligonucleotides lets you meticulously plan your experimental conditions and tailor your experiments for reliable and consistent results.
LNA Nomenclature Converter
Convert Exiqon nomenclature to new nomenclature for DNA and LNA
LNA Oligo Optimizer
Calculate self-complementarity and secondary structure of LNA oligos
Oligo Concentration Converter
Determine oligo concentration based on OD, extension coefficient and volume
Oligo Dilution Calculator
Determine volumes for diluting a stock solution to a desired concentration
Oligo Resuspension Calculator
Determine volumes for resuspending lyophilized oligos to a desired concentration
Tm Prediction
Predict the melting temperature for LNA oligos

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