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We offer a range of expertly designed qPCR assays and arrays for quantifying DNA targets for a variety of applications. From copy number variation (CNV) analysis and variant allele detection to microbial profiling and identification, we’ve got you covered.

Our qBiomarker products for CNV and somatic mutation studies are based on comprehensive bioinformatics and text-mining analysis in a variety of disease states, providing fast, easy profiling of the most important mutations in cancer and other disorders and various signaling pathways.

Our large collection of predesigned qPCR assays for bacteria, virus and protist species, as well as genes for virulence factors and antibiotic resistance help you determine the functional relevance of specific microbes. Predesigned PCR arrays from this extensive assay pool allow application-specific analysis, while our user-friendly custom builder lets you quickly and easily create panels containing your own targets of interest.

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