mRNA/lncRNA Localization Studies

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Our Custom LNA mRNA Detection Probes are designed with optimal LNA positioning to achieve high sequence specificity, low secondary structure and minimal self-annealing. This gives you superior binding affinity and very specific and sensitive detection, with an exceptionally high signal-to-noise ratio. Our user-friendly online design tool lets you easily design highly sensitive LNA probes for your specific mRNA sequence of interest.

The probes are great for in situ hybridization and cell or tissue imaging applications requiring a short probe, such as in the detection of short sequence mutations or for discriminating between closely related sequences such as splice variants and isoforms. And their high affinity for their target sequences allows use of stringent hybridization and washing conditions, despite the short probe lengths.

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mRNA Detection Probes
Custom LNA mRNA Detection ProbesCustom LNA mRNA Detection Probes

For ultra-sensitive detection of mRNA and lncRNA by in situ hybridization and Northern blotting