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Custom LNA Oligonucleotides
Reporter Analysis

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LNA technology center
LNA technology center
Discover how the high affinity of locked nucleic acids (LNA) to their targets helps overcome the difficulties of studying very short DNA and RNA fragments
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Custom LNA oligo shop
Custom LNA oligo shop
Order LNA-enhanced oligonucleotides with a wide range of labels and modifications for use in any type of application where no standard product is available
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Product Type
Custom Oligos
Custom LNA OligonucleotidesCustom LNA Oligonucleotides

For experiments requiring custom-designed, LNA-enhanced oligonucleotides

PyroMark Assays
PyroMark CpG AssaysPyroMark CpG Assays

Predesigned assays for quantification of CpG methylation by Pyrosequencing

PyroMark Custom AssaysPyroMark Custom Assays

For Pyrosequencing analysis of any user-defined DNA sequence

PyroMark Accessories
PyroMark Q24 Accessories and ReagentsPyroMark Q24 Accessories and Reagents

For optimal sample preparation and Pyrosequencing analysis using the PyroMark Q24.

Cignal Assays & Arrays
Cignal Reporter Assay KitsCignal Reporter Assay Kits

For rapid, sensitive, and quantitative assessment of signal transduction pathway activation

Cignal Reporter ControlsCignal Reporter Controls

For control experiments when using Cignal Reporter Assays