GeneGlobe ID: XMC-001Z | Cat. No.: | QIAseq xHYB Viral and Bacterial Panels

QIAseq xHYB Respiratory Panel

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Product Specification

Target list
Betacoronavirus 1 (694003)​
Human coronavirus OC43
Enterovirus A (138948)​
Coxsackievirus A10, Coxsackievirus A16, Enterovirus A71
Enterovirus B (138949)​
Coxsackievirus A9, Coxsackievirus B1, Coxsackievirus B2, Coxsackievirus B3, Coxsackievirus B4, Coxsackievirus B5, Coxsackievirus B6, Echovirus E1, Echovirus E11, Echovirus E12, Echovirus E13, Echovirus E14, Echovirus E15, Echovirus E16, Echovirus E17, Echovirus E18, Echovirus E19, Echovirus E2, Echovirus E20, Echovirus E21, Echovirus E25, Echovirus E29, Echovirus E3, Echovirus E30, Echovirus E4, Echovirus E5, Echovirus E6, Echovirus E7, Echovirus E9
Enterovirus C (138950)​
Coxsackievirus A21, Coxsackievirus A24, Enterovirus C104, Enterovirus C109, Enterovirus C117, Enterovirus C118, Human poliovirus 3
Enterovirus D (138951)​
Enterovirus D68
Human coronavirus 229E (11137)​
Human coronavirus 229E
Human coronavirus HKU1 (290028)​
Human coronavirus HKU1
Human coronavirus NL63 (277944)​
Human coronavirus NL63
Human mastadenovirus A (129875)​
Human adenovirus 31
Human mastadenovirus B (108098)​
Human adenovirus 14, Human adenovirus 21, Human adenovirus 21a, Human adenovirus 55, Human adenovirus 7, Human adenovirus B3
Human mastadenovirus C (129951)​
Human adenovirus 1, Human adenovirus 2, Human adenovirus 5, Human adenovirus 6
Human mastadenovirus E (130308)​
Human adenovirus 4, Human adenovirus 4a
Human metapneumovirus (162145)​
Human metapneumovirus
Human orthopneumovirus (11250)​
Human respiratory syncytial virus A, Human respiratory syncytial virus B
Human orthorubulavirus 2 (2560525)​
Human parainfluenza virus 2
Human orthorubulavirus 4 (2560526)​
Human parainfluenza virus 4
Human polyomavirus 3 (1891764)​
Human polyomavirus 3, KI polyomavirus
Human polyomavirus 4 (1891765)​
WU Polyomavirus
Human respirovirus 1 (12730)​
Human parainfluenza virus 1
Human respirovirus 3 (11216)​
Human parainfluenza virus 3
Influenza A virus (11320)​
Influenza A virus (H1N1), Influenza A virus (H2N2), Influenza A virus (H3N2), Influenza A virus (H5N1), Influenza A virus (H7N9), Influenza A virus (H9N2)
Influenza B virus (11520)​
Influenza B virus
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (1335626)​
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus
Parechovirus A (1803956)​
Human parechovirus 1, Human parechovirus 3, Human parechovirus 4, Human parechovirus 5, Human parechovirus 8, Parechovirus A
Primate bocaparvovirus 1 (1511871)​
Human bocavirus 1, Human bocavirus 3
Primate bocaparvovirus 2 (1511872)​
Human bocavirus 2
Primate erythroparvovirus 1 (1511900)​
Human parvovirus B19
Rhinovirus A (147711)​
Rhinovirus A
Rhinovirus B (147712)​
Rhinovirus B
Rhinovirus C (463676)​
Rhinovirus C
Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus (694009)​


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