GeneGlobe ID: PAMM-506Z | Cat. No.: 330231 | RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays

RT² Profiler™ PCR Array Mouse Polycomb & Trithorax Complexes

RT2 Profiler PCR Array
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Product Specification

Target List
Polycomb Complexes
Polycomb Complex Core Components​
Bmi1, Eed, Ezh2, Phc1, Phc2, Phc3, Rbbp4, Rbbp7, Ring1, Rnasel, Scmh1, Suz12
Alternate Polycomb Core Components​
Cbx5, Ezh1, Phf1, Rnf2
Additional Polycomb Complex Components​
Cbx8, Dnmt1, Dnmt3a, Dnmt3b, E2f6, Kdm2b, Kdm5d, Pcgf1, Pcgf2, Phc2, Ring1, Rnf2
Polycomb Cofactors
Polycomb Complex Assembly​
Aebp2, Rbp2, Snai1 (Snail), Zbtb16
Polycomb Complex Interacting Genes​
Arid1b, Asxl1, Asxl2, Asxl3, Bap1, Cbx1, Cbx2, Cbx3, Cbx4, Cbx7, Ctbp1, Ctbp2, Dnmt3l, Epc1, Htt, Ino80, Ino80b, Ino80c, Ino80d, Jarid2, L3mbtl2, Larp7, Mbtd1, Mov10, Mtf2, Pcgf5, Phf19, Ppp1cc, Ppp1r8, Scml2, Sirt1, Smarca4, Smarcc1, Trim27, Usp11, Usp7, Yaf2
Trithorax Complexes
Trithorax Complex Core Components​
Arid1a, Ash1l, Ash2l, Bptf, Cxxc1, Hltf, Kmt2a, Kmt2d, Kmt2c, Pbrm1, Rbbp4, Rbbp5, Rbbp7, Smarca1, Smarca2, Smarcb1, Smarcc2, Kmt2b, Wdr5
Trithorax Complex Interacting Genes​
Arid1b, Smarca4, Smarca5, Smarcc1
Gene Resource List
Array Layout for PCR Plates
File Size: 138.86 KBLanguage: English
Array Layout for Rotor-Gene Q
File Size: 133.37 KBLanguage: English


Brochures & Guides (3)
Simultaneously profile mRNA, miRNA and lncRNA using a simple, complete workflow
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Download Files (3)
For analyzing gene expression data from RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays 
Data analysis file for RT² Profiler PCR Array Housekeeping Genes
Catalog number- 330231
Pathway number- PAXX-000
RNA QC Data Analysis
XLS (484KB)

Data analysis file for RT² ProfilerRT² Profiler™ PCR Array RT2 RNA QC
Catalog number- 330231
Pathway number- PAXX-999

Scientific Posters (1)
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Kit Handbooks (1)
For pathway-focused gene expression profiling using real-time RT-PCR
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For gene expression and genomic analysis
For pathway-focused gene expression analysis
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