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regulator of calcineurin 2 - GeneGlobe


Full name : regulator of calcineurin 2
Synonyms : CSP2, MCIP2, calcip...
Species : Human
Entrez Gene ID:
Official Symbol :
Official Name :
regulator of calcineurin 2
EnsemblGene ID :
Other Names :
CSP2, MCIP2, calcipressin-2, thyroid hormone-responsive (skin fibroblasts), hRCN2, OTTHUMP00000016545, ZAKI-4, DSCR1L1, Calcipressin 2 (Thyroid hormone-responsive protein ZAKI-4) (Down syndrome candidate region 1-like 1), myocyte-enriched calcineurin-interacting protein 2, thyroid hormone-responsive protein ZAKI-4, OTTHUMP00000016544, regulator of calcineurin 2, Down syndrome candidate region 1-like 1, Down syndrome critical region gene 1-like 1 protein, OTTHUMP00000016546, Down syndrome critical region gene 1-like 1, RCN2, RP11-38F19.1, ZAKI4