GeneGlobe ID: PARN-060Z | Cat. No.: 330231 | RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays

RT² Profiler™ PCR Array Rat Neurotransmitter Receptors

RT2 Profiler PCR Array
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Product Specification

Target List
Adrenergic Receptors
Alpha Adrenergic Receptors​
Adra1a, Adra1d, Adra2a
Beta Adrenergic Receptors​
Adrb2, Adrb3
Cholinergic Receptors
Muscarinic Receptors​
Chrm1, Chrm4, Chrm5
Nicotinic Receptors​
Chrna3, Chrna4, Chrna5, Chrna6, Chrna7, Chrne
Dopaminergic Receptors
Drd1, Drd2, Drd5
GABAergic Receptors
GABAA Receptors​
Gabra1, Gabra2, Gabra4, Gabra5, Gabra6, Gabrb1, Gabrb3, Gabrd, Gabre, Gabrg1, Gabrg2, Gabrg3, Gabrq
GABAB Receptors​
Gabbr1, Gabbr2
GABAC Receptors​
Gabrr1, Gabrr2
Glutamate Receptors
AMPA Receptors​
Gria1, Gria2, Gria3
Kainate Receptors​
Grik1, Grik2, Grik4, Grik5
NMDA Receptors​
Grin1, Grin2a, Grin2b, Grin2c
Metabotropic Receptors​
Grm1, Grm3, Grm4, Grm5, Grm6, Grm7, Grm8
Serotonin Receptors
Htr1a, Htr1b, Htr1d, Htr1f, Htr2a, Htr2c, Htr3a, Htr4, Htr7
Other Neurotransmitter Receptors
Vasopressin Receptor​
Avpr1a, Avpr1b
Histamine Receptors​
Hrh1, Hrh4
Neuropeptide Y Receptors​
Npy2r, Npy5r
Somatostatin Receptors​
Sstr1, Sstr2, Sstr4
Substance P (Neurokinin) Receptors​
Tacr1, Tacr2, Tacr3
Other Neurotransmitter Receptors​
Brs3, Cckbr, Cnr1, Gcgr, Grpr, Hcrtr2, Ntsr2, Oxtr, Prokr2, Sctr, Tspo
Gene Resource List
Array Layout for PCR Plates
File Size: 136.6 KBLanguage: English
Array Layout for Rotor-Gene Q
File Size: 130.44 KBLanguage: English


Brochures & Guides (3)
Simultaneously profile mRNA, miRNA and lncRNA using a simple, complete workflow
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Download Files (3)
For analyzing gene expression data from RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays 
Data analysis file for RT² Profiler PCR Array Housekeeping Genes
Catalog number- 330231
Pathway number- PAXX-000
RNA QC Data Analysis
XLS (484KB)

Data analysis file for RT² ProfilerRT² Profiler™ PCR Array RT2 RNA QC
Catalog number- 330231
Pathway number- PAXX-999

Scientific Posters (1)
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Kit Handbooks (1)
For pathway-focused gene expression profiling using real-time RT-PCR
Instrument Technical Documents (2)
For gene expression and genomic analysis
For pathway-focused gene expression analysis
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