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RT² Profiler™ PCR Array Rat Breast Cancer

RT2 Profiler PCR Array
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Product Specification

Target List
Breast Cancer Classification Markers
Luminal A-C Breast Cancers​
Esr1 (Erα), Foxa1, Gata3, Krt8, Krt18, Slc39a6, Tff3, Xbp1
HER2-Like Breast Cancers​
Erbb2 (Her-2, neu), Grb7
Basal-Like / Triple Negative Breast Cancers​
Birc5, Egfr, Krt5, Notch1
Breast Cancer Metastasis to Lung​
Id1, Mmp2, Ptgs2 (Cox2)
Signal Transduction
Steroid Receptor-Mediated Signaling​
Ar, Brca1, Ccne1, Ctnnb1, Esr1 (Erα), Esr2 (Erβ), Igf1, Krt19, Pgr, Rb1
Hedgehog Signaling​
Bcl2, Ccnd1, Gli1, Snai2
Glucocorticoid Signaling​
Igfbp3, Nme1 (Nm23a), Nr3c1 (QuantiNova Symbol: AABR07031756.1)
Classical WNT Signaling​
Apc, Ccnd1, Ctnnb1, Sfrp1
AKT & PI3 Kinase Signaling​
Akt1, Erbb2 (Her-2, neu), Igf1, Igf1r, Pten
Notch Signaling​
Birc5, Notch1
MAP Kinase Signaling​
Mapk1 (Erk2), Mapk3 (ERK1), Mapk8 (Jnk1), Tp73
Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT)
Ctnnb1, Notch1, Src, Tgfb1, Twist1
Cdh13, Ctnnb1, Egf, Erbb2 (Her-2, neu), Id1, Il6, Jun, Notch1, Plau (UPAM), Pten, Serpine1 (Pai-1), Slit2, Thbs1 (TSP-1, Tsp1), Vegfa
Cell Adhesion Molecules
Adam23, Apc, Bcl2, Cdh1 (E-cadherin), Cdh13, Cdkn2a (INK4A, p16, p19ARF), Csf1 (Mcsf), Ctnnb1, Egfr, Erbb2 (Her-2, neu), Pten, Tgfb1, Thbs1 (TSP-1, Tsp1)
Adam23, Cst6, Ctsd, Mmp2, Mmp9, Plau (UPAM), Pycard (Tms1, Asc)
Akt1, Apc, Bad, Bcl2, Cdh1 (E-cadherin), Cdh13, Cdkn1a (Cip1, Waf1), Cdkn2a (INK4A, p16, p19ARF), Gstp1, Igf1, Il6, Jun, Muc1 (mucin), Nme1 (Nm23a), Rarb, Sfn (14-3-3σ), Sfrp1, Tp53 (p53), Tp73, Twist1
Cell Cycle
Apc, Bcl2, Ccna1, Ccnd1, Ccnd2, Ccne1, Cdk2, Cdkn1a (Cip1, Waf1), Cdkn1c (p57KIP2), Cdkn2a (INK4A, p16, p19ARF), Jun, Mki67, Myc, Pten, Rassf1, Rb1, Sfn (14-3-3σ), Tp53 (p53)
DNA Damage & Repair
Apc, Atm, Brca1, Brca2, Ccnd1, Cdkn1a (Cip1, Waf1), Mapk1 (Erk2), Mgmt (Agt), Mlh1, Sfn (14-3-3σ), Tp53 (p53), Tp73
Xenobiotic Transport
Abcb1a (Mdr1), Abcg2 (Bcrp)
Transcription Factors
Ar, Ctnnb1, Esr1 (Erα), Esr2 (Erβ), Foxa1, Gata3, Hic1, Jun, Myc, Notch1, Nr3c1 (QuantiNova Symbol: AABR07031756.1), Pgr, Prdm2 (Riz1), Rarb, Rb1, Tp53 (p53), Tp73, Xbp1
Gene Resource List
Array Layout for PCR Plates
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Array Layout for Rotor-Gene Q
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Data analysis file for RT² Profiler PCR Array Housekeeping Genes
Catalog number- 330231
Pathway number- PAXX-000
RNA QC Data Analysis
XLS (484KB)

Data analysis file for RT² ProfilerRT² Profiler™ PCR Array RT2 RNA QC
Catalog number- 330231
Pathway number- PAXX-999

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