GeneGlobe ID: PAMM-016Z | Cat. No.: 330231 | RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays

RT² Profiler™ PCR Array Mouse Type I Interferon Response

RT2 Profiler PCR Array
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Product Specification

Target List
Interferons & Receptors
Ifna2, Ifna4, Ifnar1, Ifnar2, Ifnb1, Ifne, Ifnz
Interferon-Responsive Genes
Innate Immunity​
Adar, Bst2, Casp1 (Ice), Ccl2 (MCP-1), Ccl2 (MCP-1), Ccl2 (MCP-1), Ccl5 (Rantes), Ddx58 (RIG-I), Gbp2b, H2-M3, Ifi30, Ifih1 (Mda5), Ifit1, Ifit2, Ifit3, Ifitm1 (9-27), Ifitm2, Ifitm3, Irf1, Irf2, Irf7, Irf9, Isg15, Isg20, Jak2, Mx1, Mx2, Myd88, Nmi, Oas1a, Oas1b, Oas2, Pml, Socs1, Stat1, Stat2, Tap1, Tlr3, Tlr7
Adaptive Immunity​
Cd80, Crp, Myd88, Tap1
Ccl2 (MCP-1), Ccl2 (MCP-1), Ccl2 (MCP-1), Ccl5 (Rantes), Cxcl10 (Inp10), Il15, Tnfsf10 (Trail)
Adar, Casp1 (Ice), Ccl2 (MCP-1), Ccl2 (MCP-1), Ccl2 (MCP-1), Ccl5 (Rantes), Eif2ak2, Ifih1 (Mda5), Jak2, Mx1, Myd88, Pml, Stat1, Timp1, Tlr3, Tnfsf10 (Trail)
Other Type I Interferon Response Genes
Innate Immunity​
Cd69, Cd86, Ciita, H2-Bl, H2-D1, H2-K1, H2-M10.1, H2-T10, Ifna2, Ifna4, Ifnar1, Ifnar2, Ifnb1, Irf3, Irf5, Jak1, Nos2 (iNos), Sh2d1a, Stat3, Ticam1 (Trif), Tlr8, Tlr9, Traf3, Tyk2
Adaptive Immunity​
Ifna2, Ifnb1, Il10, Tlr8, Vegfa
Ccl4 (Mip-1b), Cd70, Il10, Il6, Vegfa
Bag3, Cav1, Cd70, Cdkn1b (p27Kip1), Ifi204, Ifna2, Ifnb1, Il10, Il6, Mal, Met, Prkcz, Psme2, Shb, Ticam1 (Trif), Traf3, Vegfa
Gene Resource List
Array Layout for PCR Plates
File Size: 137.58 KBLanguage: English
Array Layout for Rotor-Gene Q
File Size: 131.4 KBLanguage: English


Brochures & Guides (3)
Simultaneously profile mRNA, miRNA and lncRNA using a simple, complete workflow
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Download Files (3)
For analyzing gene expression data from RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays 
Data analysis file for RT² Profiler PCR Array Housekeeping Genes
Catalog number- 330231
Pathway number- PAXX-000
RNA QC Data Analysis
XLS (484KB)

Data analysis file for RT² ProfilerRT² Profiler™ PCR Array RT2 RNA QC
Catalog number- 330231
Pathway number- PAXX-999

Scientific Posters (1)
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Kit Handbooks (1)
For pathway-focused gene expression profiling using real-time RT-PCR
Instrument Technical Documents (2)
For gene expression and genomic analysis
For pathway-focused gene expression analysis
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