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RT² Profiler™ PCR Array Mouse Necrosis

RT2 Profiler PCR Array
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Product Specification

Target List
Regulation of Necrosis​
Fas, Fasl, Ripk1, Slc25a4, Tnf
TNF-Induced Necrosis​
9430015G10Rik, Atp6v1g2, Bmf, Ccdc103, Commd4, Cyld, Defb1, Dennd4a, Dpysl4, Eif5b, Foxi1, Galnt5, Grb2, Hspbap1, Jph3, Kcnip1, Mag, Olfr1404, Parp2, Pvr, Rab25, S100a7a, Spata2, Sycp2, Maco1, Txnl4b
Other Necrosis Genes​
Cd40, Fadd, Mgea5, Ripk1, Ripk3, Parp1, Ppia, Tmem123
Potential Necrosis Genes
RIPK1 Interactors​
Fus, Nfkb1, Ripk2, Ripk3
RIPK3 Interactors​
Glud1, Glul, Pygl, Ripk1
PARP1 Interactors​
Capn1, Capn2, Capn3, Capn5, Capn6, Capn7, Capns1, Ppid
Death Domain Receptors
Fas, Tnfrsf1a (Tnfr1), Tnfrsf10b (Dr5)
Death Receptor Signaling
Bid, Birc3 (cIAP1, cIAP2), Casp8ap2, Cyld, Eda2r, Fadd, Faf1, Fem1b, Ikbkg, Pidd1, Madd, Myd88, Ngf, Ngfr, Bex3, Parp1, Ripk1, Tnfrsf14, Tnfrsf17, Tnfrsf1b, Tnfrsf25 (Dr3), Tnfrsf4 (Ox40), Tnfrsf8, Tnfsf15, Tradd, Traf2
Aifm1, Bax, Bid, Bmf, Bnip3l, Casp8ap2, Fadd, Faf1, Fas, Fasl, Fem1b, Ikbkg, Pidd1, Madd, Ngfr, Bex3, Ripk1, Ripk2, Ripk3, Tnf, Tnfrsf10b (Dr5), Tnfrsf25 (Dr3), Tnfrsf8, Tnfsf10 (Trail), Tradd, Traf2
Birc3 (cIAP1, cIAP2), Bnip3l, Fas, Myd88, Nfkb1, Ngf, Ngfr, Ripk1, Ripk2, Tnf, Tnfrsf1a (Tnfr1), Tnfrsf1b, Tnfrsf4 (Ox40), Traf2
TNF-Induced Apoptosis​
Atp6v1g2, Cyld, Spata2, Sycp2
Oxidative Stress
Aifm1, Cyba, Cybb, Glud1, Nox1, Nox4
Mitochondrial Genes
Aifm1, Bax, Bid, Bnip3l, Cyba, Cybb, Glud1, Glul, Ppid, Ripk1, Slc25a4
Gene Resource List
Array Layout for PCR Plates
File Size: 139.4 KBLanguage: English
Array Layout for Rotor-Gene Q
File Size: 133.47 KBLanguage: English


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Data analysis file for RT² Profiler PCR Array Housekeeping Genes
Catalog number- 330231
Pathway number- PAXX-000
RNA QC Data Analysis
XLS (484KB)

Data analysis file for RT² ProfilerRT² Profiler™ PCR Array RT2 RNA QC
Catalog number- 330231
Pathway number- PAXX-999

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